Stunned gasps rang around the table…

“WTF Lisa?! Are You Pouring Cinnamon In Your Purse?”
Everyone In The Restaurant Looked At Me Like I “Lost It”… BUT When Our 5 Star Meal Was Gifted To Us “On The House…”

Read Below To discover why my skeptical friends now swear my odd manifestation “recipe” is actually “genius”… and how YOU can use it too for a *surprise financial blessing* starting in minutes from now!

Stunned gasps rang around the table…

“WTF Lisa?! Are You Pouring Cinnamon In Your Purse?”
Everyone In The Restaurant Looked At Me Like I “Lost It”… BUT When Our 5 Star Meal Was Gifted To Us “On The House…”

Read Below To discover why my skeptical friends now swear my odd manifestation “recipe” is actually “genius”… and how YOU can use it too for a *surprise financial blessing* starting in minutes from now!

You should have seen their looks.

They couldn’t believe it.

“Lisa, are you okay, honey?” 

“What in the world is going on?!”

“Ummm… that goes on your french toast…”

“Have you lost your mind, Lisa?!” 

They all thought I lost my marbles…

BUT… just 3 minutes later… their “horrified” gasps…

Turned into wide-eyed amazement...

As not one, not two, but THREE… jaw-dropping manifestations suddenly appeared.

Hi… my name is Lisa Fatelli and I’ve got an odd cinnamon manifestation trick to share with you today.

Yes, I said “Cinnamon manifestation trick.”

It’s so odd, the first time you try it, even your closest friends may think you’ve gone bananas.

But, you won’t care.

Not one tiny bit.

You may even take a little delight at their brief surprise.


Because this manifestation trick really works!

And when I say “works,” I’m not talking about manifesting an open parking spot…

Finding a quarter on the ground – “big whoop”…

Or happening upon a “green light wave”...

You know, things that could be written off as simple “good luck.”

No, when I say “works”…  I actually mean it.

Manifestations showing up SO BIG, SO BOLD, SO AMAZINGLY FAST….

It’s unmistakable YOU manifested it all.

I’m talking…

REAL deal… 

Seeing is believing…

Proof Is The Pudding Manifestation!

The kind of INSTANT PHYSICAL RESULTS that makes even the toughest skeptics head-over-heels envious…

… Begging you to show them your secret.

Oh, and just so we’re clear…

The “Cinnamon trick” I’m talking about has nothing to do with:

  • Never-ending affirmations…
  • Time-consuming visualization…
  • Exhausting Meditations…

Or any of that dull, boring stuff.

In the past, I tried it all… and none of it worked… at least not compared to the “O-M-G moments” this cinnamon trick manifests…

Often in just minutes.

It’s like a rock skipping on water…

Growing-up my Nonino (grandfather) taught me… with right spin and motion… all it takes is a single toss and the rock bounces dozens of times.

Well, this manifestation trick is EXACTLY like that. 

Do it once (as I show you), and…

You won’t just manifest ONE blessing from the Universe… you’ll go on to manifest… 2… 3… or even more amazing surprises…

An awe-inspiring “Universal Ripple Effect.”

No luck involved…

You will KNOW with 100% certainty you attracted 
what shows up…

Because it happens so fast.

Sometimes within just MINUTES!

Imagine… one simple technique, you follow one time… to send out a rippling wave of “attraction energy.”

One wave that manifests it all…

Wealth & abundance…

Fun & connection…

Even red hot romance!

Yep, if you’re single and think you’ll never find “the one”...

Or you’re in a relationship, and think your “current one” will “never change”...

Prepare to have your beliefs shattered – all in the best way possible!

This manifestation trick has a way of making the “impossible” a reality – whether it’s clearing overwhelming debt… breaking the “paycheck to paycheck” cycle … and even attracting LOVE after years of feeling alone.

It doesn’t matter how late in life you are… how long you’ve been struggling… or what heartbreaking hardships you’re facing…

Divorce… health crisis… or even the loss of a loved one…

This is a manifestation technique that WILL work for you.

Maybe even better because your heart is crying out for a breakthrough.  

So… are you ready to manifest for REAL, my dear?

To call-in your wildest desires with one simple technique?

And do it all starting in just minutes?


Then listen carefully to this short, life-changing presentation.

This REALLY works, I promise you.

In just a moment, I’m going to reveal my popular “cinnamon trick.”

This method will help you manifest SURPRISE GIFTS & MONEY into your life.

You can use this right away and see unmistakable results moments later.  

PLUS… I’m also going to share 2 more tricks: My “Strawberry Method” to manifest a new dream car.

AND my Quantum Jumping Secret that transports you into an abundance-filled “Parallel Reality” – INSTANTLY!

Go-ahead and picture your life overflowing with abundance.

Because it’s about to flash into your life.

Yep, you’ve never experienced manifestation LIKE THIS!

All the above is coming up in the next few minutes.

First though, to fully understand these “odd” discoveries… I need to share the story that brought me here today.

As I said, my name is Lisa Fatelli, but most of my friends know me as “The Manifestation Chef.”

Now, I know that’s pretty unusual. What in the world does food & cooking have to do with manifesting?

As you’re about to see… EVERYTHING, my dear.

You are energy… the Universe is energy… and when it comes to MAGNETIZING energy to you… food just maybe be the most powerful force ever…

Especially food with an emotional connection pizza, chocolate, and grandma's strawberry cheesecake!

Notice how just thinking about “deliciousness” – gets energy buzzing.

Anyway… I’m getting ahead of myself.

Just know “food + manifestation” is the secret that allows me (and so many others)... to live out our wildest dreams.

A life filled with purpose, connection, and freedom – overflowing with infinite abundance, including my dream car… dream home… and so much more.

I now have everything I’ve ever wished for, but… I have to confess… it wasn’t always this way.

A few years ago, my life was trudging along on a timeline to nowhere.

After 18 years of marriage, my husband Steven passed away unexpectedly… leaving me with our active two teenage boys and the Fratelli’s family restaurant.

Steven had always played the role of “the brains” in our lives.

The manager, bookkeeper, and organizer...

While I was the chef and caretaker, aka “the heart.”

But, after his passing, I was now playing all the roles… running the restaurant, and somehow trying to fill Steve’s shoes at home.

It was tough on everyone, especially the boys. Nobody could ever make up for hole he left… even though I gave it my all.

As you can imagine, this didn’t leave much “me time.”

I was working 7 days a week, all day long. I barely ever saw the sun.

By the grace of The Universe, we “got by.” But, it was always month-to-month. No money left over for extras. 
“Sorry, we can’t afford it” became my sad mantra.

I remember making breakfast one morning for the boys.

And, Charlie, our youngest says, “Mom, how come you never dance when you cook anymore?

Or make us animals in our pancakes?”

“You’re all grown-up, my dear” I tell him, half ignoring his question.

But, later that day, I realize the real answer: I was so busy being “housekeeper,” “handywoman,” “caretaker” and “boss”… “fun, creative, dancing, animal pancake Lisa” had fallen off the earth!

Looking back, I can say I “lost touch” with who I really was… “the real Lisa”.

I became more “head” and less “heart.”

I was so busy helping others manifest their dreams & desires… I gave up on mine entirely.

I think we all can relate to that, men and especially women.

Where we give and give to our family and workplace… and we never get around to giving-back to ourselves.

We can stay in this cycle for YEARS… at least until… “you know what” hits the fan!

Fast forward to early 2020… and little did we know…

First, a few patrons with masks… then empty tables… and finally… “restaurant apocalypse,” lockdown.

After struggling to stay afloat… my nose was an inch above water.

Scary stuff, and then it got scarier.

Right in the middle of it… I get the worst phone call…

My nonna, her health was failing fast.

When I was younger, my favorite place in the world was Nonna’s kitchen.

No matter what was going on… it was the one place I always felt safe and loved.

We had so much fun, joking, playing, and yes, there were plenty of dance and animal pancakes parties.

When we cooked together, she was always patient and kind.

She gave me room to learn how to do it myself… & be myself too.

She’s the reason I wanted to be a chef.

She always encouraged me to follow my dreams.

And she followed hers too… starting the family restaurant.

But, now… just as her pride & joy was sinking under…

Nonna was passing from this world.

I remember comforting her in those final days… and promising I’ll do all I can keep her legacy alive.

But, in the end, things turn desperate.

The doors are shuttered.

I was left unemployed, deep in debt, and with two boys in college.

I had no idea how I’d pay my bills, or ever live a normal life again.

I’d worked my entire life and now had nothing to show for it.

I felt so alone.

I couldn’t shake the feeling… like I let my employees down, my kids down, Steven down… and my nonna down too.

A failure.

But, just as I was at my lowest moment… a sign appeared. 
A breadcrumb from the Universe.

I was packing up our house (yep, forced to sell) and came across a box of Steven’s favorite old spiritual books.

His favorite authors were quantum physics experts, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, and Greg Braden.

Pretty brainy stuff.

And as the “heart” in the family… I never felt the same draw to their work.

But, now something had shifted.

I felt curiosity pulling me in.

And, as I started reading…

I was blown away by the studies and science.

Something missing from “The Secret,” Abraham-Hicks, and other “the law of attraction” courses.

So, I dug deeper… and began trying their techniques… all based on the research. 

And, did it work?

Not exactly.

Maybe you’ve had the same experience… where you try a manifestation technique and see positive mental shifts…

But… no actual physical life shifts…. at least, nothing BIG, and NOTICEABLE.

I thought about giving up.

But, deep inside, I knew there was something “there”.

I could FEEL it.

But, what was I missing?

Finally, I discover my “holy grail.”

“You are the placebo” by Joe Dispenza.

The gist: drug studies have two groups of participants.

One group takes the “real” medicine and another takes a “sugar pills” – “the placebo.”

This is done to show which worked: the actual medicine OR people’s BELIEF in the medicine.

Well, the remarkable thing is… the “placebos” often create DRAMATIC healing miracles – sometimes better than
top performing medicines.

In one study, scientists tested the effectiveness of the placebo on Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

They tested a placebo against a group receiving nothing.

The placebo group reported TWICE the improvement – the exact same as the best IBS medications.


Because your beliefs create the EMOTIONS of healing in your body: gratitude, happiness, and confidence.

Your body then responds to this new reality.

The placebo is all that’s needed to create belief & trigger the body into healing.

So, when it comes to manifesting your dream life… you can create the “placebo effect” to “trick” your mind into thinking your desire has already manifested… literally rewiring your mind to the new reality.

Okay… so what happens when you try this?

For me, I didn’t see any noticeable results…

AT FIRST. But, then it happened.

The BIG breakthrough.

While looking through a family album… I notice a picture of Nonna in the kitchen.

And on the back is a recipe for her famous blueberry cinnamon pancakes.

Missing her – I fire-up the griddle…and as I’m cooking I “accidentally” knock over the Cinnamon right into my purse, sitting on the stool.

Nonna LOVED cinnamon.

As if it were “Magic fairy dust”... she’d sprinkle it on everything sweet.

Maybe it was the spirit of Nonna speaking to me… but as I was cleaning out my purse… I notice the cinnamon is all over my wallet.

I believe there are no mistakes in the Universe.

Everything happens for a reason.

Rather than get upset, I play a “Game.”

I’m going to imagine the Cinnamon is real life “magic fairy dust”.

A “Placebo.”

And when you rub it on your money… it magically multiples. I do a little “money dance” and repeat this affirmation…

“My money is multiplying 10 times over.”

A little silly, but I was playing like I was back in the kitchen with Nonna.

Afterwards, I forget about it.

But, later that morning I notice a yard sale.

I pull over, and find this beautiful coffee table.

Real cute, 1960’s style curvy shape for $10.

Well, I had seen similar ones at the thrift store selling for hundreds.

I bought it and took it in.

And guess how much they paid me?


That’s right… my $10 bill was multiplied by 10.


I didn’t know WHY that worked, until…

A few days later I’m out to brunch with the girls.

We’re celebrating Cindy’s birthday.

I order french toast.

As it arrives, the waiter puts a cinnamon shaker in front of me.

It’s like the Universe is nudging me to try again!

So… I just went for it.

I thought I was doing it covertly, but I guess not.

You should have seen my friend’s faces.

Nancy, who’s a skeptical medical researcher… flat out asked “Are you crazy Lisa?!”

But, then something amazing.

3 minutes later, the manager comes out from the back.

I knew him!

Mitch was old friends with Cindy’s husband.

When he found out it was her birthday… he told us our entire meal for all 6 of us was his treat… FREE!

Oh my god!

In that moment, I realize it wasn’t that the “experts” were wrong… they were RIGHT…


Can you guess what it is?

While they understood the “science” or “Left brained” part... they forgot about… 

YES, my dear, you got it… the heart!

Fun, creativity, and intuition.

Inspired, I knew how nonna’s legacy would live on…

What if I combine proven quantum physics WITH my favorite way to activate the heart… enjoying delicious food?!

Here’s the second “manifestation recipe” I developed.

See this red car:

Well, I manifested one thanks to the
“Strawberry Manifestation Method.”

Ever notice how when you see a new outfit you like, or you adopt a new dog or cat – you suddenly start seeing similar ones everywhere?

The reason for this phenomena is what’s called your brain’s Reticular Activation System (R.A.S.).

The R.A.S. is like your brain’s “information filter.”

It weeds out everything unimportant… so you can focus on what IS important.

Most of the time you don’t think about the R.A.S..

It filters automatically.

But, what if you PURPOSELY directed your R.A.S. to zero-in on your desires?

Well, that’s exactly what I did.

My experiment used my (and Nonna’s) favorite fruit…  strawberries.

Then, based on the science I created a “recipe” to FOCUS my R.A.S. on everything strawberries.

And you know what happened?

RIGHT AWAY, I started seeing red, tasty fruit… EVERYWHERE… on billboards, TV commercials, T-Shirts, even on a bumper sticker.

So, what happens when you redirect your R.A.S. to your dream car?

As you may know, prices are WAY up.

“Deals,” non-existent.

But, using the Strawberry method, I direct my R.A.S. to focus on my dream car…  a convertible.

And… I start seeing them everywhere…including in a friend's garage.

A classic T-bird red convertible.

She told me she was going to sell it.

I ask “how much” and she practically gives it to me.

The car runs great!

My next recipe? A big wealth booster: It’s called “The Quantum Leap Method.”

And it doesn’t even involve food… just WATER.

Take a look at this…

It’s called a “Hydroglyph.”

It’s frozen water in a petri dish.

These are so fun to make.

In this one, all I did was place a picture of a heart below it and freeze it.

And the image was STORED in the water.

Yep, water HOLDS energy.

And when it comes to manifesting… this fact makes it a powerful ally.

Here’s how “Quantum Leaping” works: Take two cups.

Fill the first one with water.

Then, with a sticky note, label it… your “current circumstances.”

For instance, maybe you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

Imagine the water absorbing your frustration.

Second cup… label it as your DESIRED reality.

Write down the abundance you want to attract.

Then, pour the water into the second cup.

Feel the relief of no more money worries and imagine the water absorbing this reality. 

Finally, drink the cup of water… and feel it becoming a part of you.

Because… it is.

As Quantum Physicists explain… “if it can happen… it IS happening.”

Infinite parallel realities are happening at once.

And The Quantum Leap method “Turns the dial” on your vibration… into the parallel reality of your dreams.

There’s a little more to this technique, but I’ll just say… immediately after doing it… a NEW client booked a session.

A friend tried, and she reported TRIPLE normal tips.

In other words, this really works!


For years, I was in “Struggle mode”.

I didn’t have time for “fun.”

My heart closed.

But, that’s a HUGE mistake.

Because when fun & creativity (your heart) meets the science (your brain)... that’s the missing secret ingredient.

The one that makes it all work!

You CAN’T manifest ANYTHING without BOTH.

So… by manifesting with my recipes… you add the intuitive, flowing side of you back in. And THAT is what makes it all finally flow for you!

Forget the “experts” trying to turn you into a zen monk –  religious affirmations, non-stop visualizations, and exhausting meditations –

If you want to manifest… go back to the 8 year old you playing in the kitchen!

More fun means more “feel good” brain hormones, serotonin, dopamine – and when you feel good, the Universe shows-up, 100% of the time.

Oh, and I almost forgot… “the Ripple effect.” From that one Cinnamon trick…  it was like the blessings kept flowing…

When I got in the car afterwards, the Universe immediately left a sign: “12:12 P.M.”

I didn’t know it at the time, but 12:12 represents divine union.

Twin flames.

And you remember the handsome manager from the restaurant?

Well, unknown to me... Mitch asked Cindy all about me.

She gave him my phone number…

And the rest is history… we fell in love!

Yes, I manifested a free meal… a sign from the Universe… AND my soulmate.

When you add the “heart”... one small technique is all you need to manifest “it all!”

As you can imagine, all my friends (even skeptical Nancy) wanted to know my secrets.

So I began to teach!

And, after working with hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds… I became an expert at making my recipes work for ANYBODY.

Now… with what I've already shown you… you will have more luck manifesting than 99% of people. Follow these recipes on your own, and you will see the benefits.

That said, I know it can feel a little overwhelming at first.

I’ve given you enough to get started, but now it’s up to you to put it all together.

For some rare people, they love a challenge.

Figuring things out.

Doing the trial-and-error.

And they’re more than happy to go at it alone.

If that’s you… you’re free to take what you’ve learned so far and do the same.

But… I’ve found most people don’t have time for the long and slow way.

They want to shift into their dream realities RIGHT NOW.

That’s why after an overflow of requests… I teamed up with a top video production team to create an empowering new shortcut.

A quick, simple, and done for you solution to become a “Manifestation Chef” of your own.

Now… you don’t have to go it alone.

I’ve taken care of everything for you.

And I’m going to be there guiding you every step of the way… as you manifest your wildest dreams to life… all starting in just minutes!

I’m so proud to introduce you to…

The Manifestation Chef

Sprinkle… Pour… & Stir… To Manifest 
Your Dreams In 8 Minutes Or Less!

Forget repeating non-stop affirmations… visualizing all day long… meditating till you turn to nothingness…

REAL manifestation isn’t supposed to be a struggle…

The magic happens when you're having loads of FUN!

And inside the Manifestation Chef members area, we’re going to have a BLAST!

Manifestation chef combines two keys:

Manifestation + delicious food combinations  = manifestation recipes so simple, quick, and easy my 6 year old nephew can do them!

Just sprinkle… pour… & stir… and now you’re a world-class Manifestation Chef.

The centerpiece of your membership is the exclusive…

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Each technique unlocks a new level of your dream life: more wealth & surprise income… perfect health… love & romance… career success… and so much more.

I’ll show you how to manifest the best results with The Cinnamon Trick… Strawberry Method… and Quantum Jumping technique.

PLUS, reveal…

  • My mouth-watering “Edible Vision Board'' recipe – the total opposite of slow & ineffective glue stick and scissor boards… now you can EAT your visions to become a match with your desires… in only seconds!
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  • ​Try my “5-star dinner party treat” to Instantly elevate your current vibration into a limitless wealth vibration – become an energetic match to the house… the car… the career of your dreams…. all starting in just minutes!

Plus, much more… including my famous “3-6-9 Pizza Recipe” and my “Quantum Magic Crystal Recipe” to set loose the “ultimate ripple effect.”

Each recipe is fast, fun, and easy – No cooking experience needed. All the recipes involve just a few common ingredients and take 8 minutes or less.

PLUS, for those who like to go in-depth… each recipe comes with a scientific “WHY it works” masterclass.

Manifestation Chef combines the left brain with the right (the side connected to the “heart”)… and that’s why it works so amazingly well – for EVERYONE who tries it.

Just sprinkle… pour… & stir for INSTANT MAGIC.

Now, I know you’re wondering the big question… how much is your Manifestation Chef membership?

And the great news is it’s far less than you might expect.

You see.. after the birthday brunch… word-of-mouth was buzzing…

And soon I was spending all my freetime showing others my recipes.

At one point, there were so many people… I held a small workshop.

Right away, I had 10 sign-ups… then 15….and suddenly panic: where am I going to host all these people?

One workshop became two… and three and I couldn’t keep up.

Not to mention, the workshop wasn’t my favorite format…leaving no time for personal attention.

So, I put the workshops on hold and transitioned to coaching.

I started at $111 per hour and due popular demand, soon went up to $333.

This was easier to manage, but now… my reach was limited.

It broke my heart turning people away.

That’s when Manifestation Chef was born.

I love these videos because it’s just you and me. It’s like I’m right there with you in your home… only you can hit rewind, fast forward, or pause.

And come back whenever your schedule allows.

So much more relaxed, fun, and personal.

PLUS, it’s a lot more affordable than both the workshop and personal coaching.

How affordable?

Well…it’s not anywhere close to the $333.00 coaching students paid per hour… or even $111.00, like the price of those crowded workshops…

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My dream is a world where the head and heart work as one – and everyone can manifest their dreams… with ease!

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Let me take you on a journey.

Right now… you’re staring at what I call a “timeline fork.”

In front of you are 3 potential paths.

Each with a very different future.

Let’s “time travel” to see the future each holds:

Timeline # 1:

In this version of reality, you decide to do nothing.

You never try any of the recipes.

And you slowly forget what I’ve shared with you.

At first glance, this timeline may look like the easiest option… at least in the short-term.

No further decisions are needed from you.

You go your way, I go mine.

Problem is… you arrived here for a reason.

What you were doing before wasn’t working for you.

So, if you keep practicing the same broken manifestation methods that DON’T WORK… where will that take you?

The answer is nowhere different.

You’ll be stuck with the same struggles, same frustrations, and same limitations.

Nothing will change.

That is, until one day when all your troubles boil over.

And you suddenly remember and wish you gave the recipes a try way back when.

Put simply, choice 1… it’s actually the long and hard way to get to where you want to go.

Not really a choice at all.

That brings us to timeline # 2:

This is where you take what I’ve shown you to heart.

Avoid the pitfalls and give my 3 tricks a try “solo-style.”

You WILL see some results.

This will get you further than choice # 1.

BUT, here’s the problem: I’ve spent the last several years discovering and perfecting my secrets.

It took a lot of trial and error to figure it all out…

To ensure my techniques work for ALL of my students, the first time they try them.

So, if you go-it alone… you are going to go through the same slow learning process.

And you may never attain the same success as my top students.

You may lose motivation all together.

I don’t want that to happen for you.

I want you to create the life of your dreams… starting in the shortest time possible.

So… option 2, is actually pretty iffy.

Better than nothing, but far from the best choice.

That leaves us with one last path…

Timeline # 3:

This is where you take the “Done for you” shortcut… and join an awesome tribe of manifestors around the world… to become the newest Manifestation Chef!

No waiting… no learning curve… no more dull, “left-brained only” or ungrounded “right-brained-only” manifestation techniques that don’t work.

You’ll start manifesting “it all”... in just minutes from now…

Wealth & success…

Love & connection…

Fun & happiness…

Every step of the way… you’ll have me there with you guiding you, supporting you, and celebrating you.

Click below to take the proven done for you shortcut…

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And upgrade your timeline… to the highest timeline.

It’s 100% risk-free for 60-days with my no-questions asked money-back guarantee.

So, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Just be sure you secure your membership today!

The special “launch discount” is only available for a VERY SHORT TIME.

So, you need to hurry.

I can’t wait to welcome you inside.

Just imagine…

In as little as 8 minutes from now…

You’ll have taken a quantum leap…

From your current reality… of lack and struggle…

Into the life you’ve always dreamed for yourself…

Health & happiness…

With a slimmer, sexier, happier body…

Love & friendship…

As strained relationships heal… and new, close-knit relationships flow in…

Wealth & abundance…

Gifts, blessings, and amazing new opportunities flash out nowhere right before your eyes…

Think of the places you’ll travel to…

The people you’ll meet…

The fun you’ll have…

And how amazing you’ll feel as everyone starts asking YOU your secret.

You can keep quiet if you want…

Or just tell them the truth… you’ve become a Manifestation Chef!

Once they see how the secret recipes work…

They’ll want to be one too!

I’m so excited to welcome you and all your friends inside Manifestation Chef.

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Regular Price: $691 $97

Today for $37

Okay, if you’re still here, then that must mean you still have a few questions.

Let me answer some of the most common ones I get…

Here Are Answers To The Most Common Ones...

Question # 1: 
How long does it take to see results from each “recipe”?

Manifestation Chef is all about fun and seeing results quickly.

Almost all manifestation recipes are completed in 8 minutes or less. From there, a “rippling wave” of attraction energy flows out into the Universe… and you’ll start seeing unmistakable results, sometimes right away.

And just to be clear… no special cooking skills are needed. If you can sprinkle, pour, and stir… then these recipes will work for you too!

Question # 2: 
What kind of supplies do I need to make each recipe?

For the most part all recipes are designed to use common ingredients. You probably already have most in your cupboard. On occasion, you may want to pick up an ingredient or two from the grocery store… but everything is kept VERY simple and easy.

The magic isn’t so much about individual ingredients, but the manifestation activation steps inside each of the recipes. I provide substitution options as well.

Manifestation Chef is designed so ANYBODY can find success with the program.

Question # 3: 
What kinds of things will I manifest?

Each recipe is designed to manifest a specific type of blessing into your life…

From cash surprises… free gifts… job opportunities… pay raises… a slimmer, more attractive physique… more fun and friendship… deeper connection… and even true love… your soul mate!

So, what can you manifest? How does your heart’s every desire sound?

Question # 4: 
What does Manifestation Chef include?

The membership includes my favorite 10 recipes that I demonstrate live on video. In addition, for each recipe I include a short video “masterclass” where I teach the manifestation science behind the recipes.

Manifestation Chef is the only program I’ve found that combines the head with the heart… and that’s WHY it works so well. 

In addition to the main video library…

You’re also receiving 5 bonus gifts worth over $358.00. These include:

  • Bonus # 1: The Become Invincible Recipe Series (a $97.00 Value)...

This is where you  discover how to manifest “impossible” items… overcome rising prices… and thrive no matter what the economy is doing.

  • Bonus # 2: Manifest Your Dream Body… Naturally Recipe (a $47.00 Value) – no dieting, no exercise… just quick effortless weight loss.
  • ​Bonus # 3: The Cacao Soulmate Magnetizer (a $47.00 Value) – attract “your” person – the perfect partner put here on earth for you!
  • Bonus # 4: The Instant Mobile Screening Portal ($120.00 Value) - Just log-in on your phone, Ipad, or Internet TV & click “play”. You can then watch & follow along in the kitchen, dining room table, or maybe over at a friends house. Some members have told me they’ve even organized Manifestation Chef viewing parties!


  • Bonus # 5: Step-by-step video transcripts of ALL the recipes and bonuses. ($47.00 Value)

Plus, there’s also a Quick-Start Guide so you can start manifesting magic into your life… starting in just moments from right now!

Click below to claim your gifts… and get started 100% risk-free!

Question # 5: 
How does the risk-free “8-Minute Breakthrough Guarantee” work?

As a new member of The Manifestation Chef, I have two big promises for you…

  • Manifestation Chef must feel FUN, ENERGIZING, and leave you feeling more CONNECTED to the Universe than ever, and…
  • YOU WILL manifest a real, tangible breakthrough in your finances, relationships, or health… staring in 8 minutes…​

Both of these promises must be fully met to your expectations… OR I insist you write me for a no-question asked refund of every cent. You have a full 60-days to give The Manifestation Chef a try!

It’s that easy. Take me up on this special offer and get started right, just click on the button below!

Regular Price: $691 $97

Today for $37

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